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Randall the Enamel Animal

Sam Caglione and his Randal
Sam Caglione, founder of Dogfish Head
Craft Brewery, pouring beer through
his invention, the Randallizer!

"Just try the Beer! ...The result is a beer with a refreshingly herbaceous flavor" --The New York Times

On April 4th, 2008 Eric and Mike brought Randal the Enamel Animal (learn more below) to Trappeze Pub in Athens, GA. Next, they told us all to bring whatever we wanted to throw in. Also on hand was a special keg of DFH Red & White. Several L.i.b.a.t.i.o.n.s. members were in attendance. Here are the results:


The First Randallized Beer
This was the first loaded Randallizer (see ingredients below)
in the hands of a DFH employee and owner of the Randallizer.
Trappeze Pub has preordered a Randall 2.0 (read more here).


Batch Beer Poured Ingredients Brief Tasting Notes
DFH 90 Minute IPA Hops x 3-4 (Unsure what types)
Blood Orange
Vanilla Bean
This was a tasty beer on the first few sips with a strong fruity nose and flavor. After half of a pint it quickly reverted back to the power of the 90 minute.
DFH 60 Minute IPA Hops (Cascade & Fuggle)
Green Tea
Green tea aroma and flavor took nearly all of the hop bite away from the 60 minute and added coconut on top. A light, spicy ginger bite came in at the end of a sip.
DFH Aprihop Hops (Unsure what types)
Jalapeņos (Pickled)
Dark Chocolate
I was gung-ho until I found out the jalapeņos were pickled. I tasted no hops and no chocolate, only spiciness. I have no desire to drink chili beer and this is as close as you can come with a randallzed aprihop. This might have worked better in an Indian Brown or other maltier offering.
Unknown Chocolate Coffee Beans... Jason and I were disappointed we did not get to try this beer, especially given he brought the coffee. Eric told me this randal was voted the highest out of those that stayed for all 4 batches.

Pouring green tea into the second batch
Pouring Green Tea into the Randallizer for Batch #2

Arlo watching the second batch pour
L.i.b.a.t.i.o.n.s. member Arlo Clark-Foos
watches the second Randallizer do its work.

Andy Tveekrem

"What could be better than pouring your beer from a keg right through a bunch of hops and into the glass? It's a great tool for informing the public about what hops really are and how they contribute to beer flavor."
Randall was invented by Sam Calagione here at Dogfish Head a few years ago as a way to showcase dry-hopping. It simply moves the dry-hop addition from the fermentation tank to the point of dispense. It’s great for bars or at festivals because the hops are in a clear housing and people can see the beer flowing through them. It really helps connect people to one of the major ingredients in beer.

A Randall is also a great item for experimentation. For example, try taking a pale ale and using different hop varieties in the Randall to see which ones work best with that beer. You don’t have to make a whole brew to try out each variety, just empty out the Randall and refill it with the next hop.

It is also fun to use other ingredients than just hops. Slices of fruit can be used, or spices and herbs — just be sure not to clog up the spaces in the filter element.

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