CIS 487/587 Project 5
Fall 2017


For this assignment, your team will need to create an alpha prototype of your Unity 3D game.

Your game prototype should include the following:

The deliverables for this milestone are the running prototype, a one page of your game, and an elevator p[itch. On 11-29-17, your team will participate in walkthroughs and play testing of your game prototype. Figure that you will have 5 minutes to present an overview your game prototype and 10 minutes to get written feedback following playtesting by assigned testers.

You will have the opportunity to playtest up to 5 games, you are required to playtest 3 games. All students should submit feedback using canvas rubrics. Each team will classify their review reports as useful or valueless and send me summary lists by e-mail.

Each team is to submit a set of time cards quantifying the effort of each team member using this spreadsheet:


Assigned: 11-08-17
Date due: 12-01-117