CIS 487/587 Assignment 2
Fall 2015

For your second project you will need to design and implement a complete computer game. You may create any type of game you wish and implement it on any platform approved by me in advance. Your game does need to have reasonable storyline for its genre. Your game will need to make use of multimedia components in a non-trivial manner. You will find it easiest to do some type of arcade game based on the Unity 2D materials or make use of Construct2. You will need to have it running during our 2D Game Festival on 11-4-15. If you are an undergraduate in class student you must work with a partner. Graduate students and distance learning students may work by themselves. Undergraduate students need to give me the name of their partner by e-mail no later than Wednesday, 9-30-15.

This assignment will give you an opportunity to begin work on the specification and design for your game. Your game does not have to be original, but should not copy an existing game. To receive full credit your game pitch document will need to contain non-trivial sections as defined below.


Executive Summary

         Abstract of game story


Game Play Look and Feel


         Player roles and actions

         Strategies and motivations

         Level summary/story progression


Development Specification



         Algorithm Style

Your write up should be 5 to 10 pages long. On 10-21-15, you will break up into small groups and conduct walkthroughs of your team's game pitch document. Figure that you will have 8-12 minutes to explain your game concept and get feedback from your classmates. I will provide a review form to collect your ratings and comments. You should upload them to a folder on canvas and mail them to the authors. Distance learning students can participate in the in-class reviews or download documents to review from canvas.


Assigned: 09-23-15
Date due: 10-21-15