CIS 487/587 Assignment 3
Fall 2017

For assignment 3, you and your partner will need to need to get your 2D game ready for review and testing by your classmates. You may bring your own computers or install your games on the machines in 139 CIS. Our November Game Festival will take place on 11-01-17 in room 139 CIS. On this date, you will be assigned to review 5 games other than yours. Electronic review forms will be available from canvas or course web page (you do not have to use both pick one). You will need to complete the Canvas rubrics or upload the forms to the folder in the Canvas. Distance learning students may download games and review them at home if they wish.

To receive full credit for your work, you will need to upload a .zip file to Canvas containing the final version of your pitch document, a working .exe file plus related media files, and all source code files needed to build and test your running game and make these available to your reviewers if you are not able to attend in person. Your pitch document should address the design attributes listed below. It is your responsibility to ensure your game is installed on at least 4 machines in 139 CIS.


Executive Summary

         Abstract of game story


Game Play Look and Feel


         Player roles and actions

         Strategies and motivations

         Level summary/story progression


Development Specification



         Algorithm Style

On 11-01-17 you may begin working on reviews in 139 CIS any time after 5:00 pm. The lab will be open till 9 pm. You will have until 11-03-17 to react to any feedback provided for your game and upload a revised project to Canvas.


Assigned: 10-18-17

Date due: 11-03-17