CIS 487/587 Assignment 6
Fall 2017

This assignment will give you the opportunity to experience the entire process implementing your 3D computer game from your design document. You may create any type of game you wish and implement it using the Unity Game Engine. Your game will need to be running in the CIS Design Lab (139 CIS) during our final exam period (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm on Wednesday, December 20th). If your game does not run on the existing lab equipment, you are responsible for bringing any additional hardware or software. Undergraduates are required to work with their design team.

You will be expected to turn in a game design document modeled after the Tricks template

and this level design template

You will also be expected to turn in a DVD containing the complete Unity project along with your program executable, source code, revised design document, and all assets required to run your game. If you use code written by someone else in your program, you will need to attribute the source. Each team is to submit a set of time cards quantifying the effort of each team member using this spreadsheet:


·         Characters

·         Story/Theme

Story Progression

  • Plot Summary
  • Level Summary
  • Storyboard

Game Play

  • Goal
  • User Skills
  • Game Mechanics
  • Reactive Items
  • Winning/Losing
  • User Interface Design  


·         Art Style

·         Music & Sounds

·         Technical Description

Marketing & Funding

·         Demographics

·         Platforms & Monetization

·         Localization

Artificial Intelligence

  • Opponent AI
  • Path Finding  
  • Combat
  • Non-player Characters
  • Puzzles and Traps

Level Progression

  • Flowchart
  • Level and Scene Details

Lessons Learned


In place of an oral presentation, you will be evaluating 5 games during our final exam period using a checklist provided on canvas. I would like to post a zipped version of your running game on the course web site along with a copy of your final design document (MS Word or pdf preferred). I need you to deliver all this material on a DVD (one per team). You should post your team member evaluations on canvas and place each team member’s “lessons learned forms” on the CD itself. All work is due at our final exam. Incomplete requests must be made no later than December 20th.

Assigned: 11-29-17
Date due: 12-20-17