CIS 487/587 Assignment 4
Fall 2016

For your term project, you will need work on a team of 4 students to design and implement a computer game using the Unity Game Engine. You may create any type of game you wish. Your game must have reasonable storyline for its genre. Your game will need to make use of multimedia components in a non-trivial manner. You will need to have it running at our 3D game fair during our final exam period. If you are an undergraduate you must work on a team. I need the groups lists no later than 11-9-16.

This assignment will give you an opportunity to begin work on the specification and design for your game. Your game does not have to be completely original, but you cannot simply copy an existing game. To receive full-credit your design document will need to contain non-trivial sections as defined below. You will need to use the game design document and level design templates below for your final project turn in on December 21st. You may wish to start to use them now.

  1. Overview
    1. Appearance
    2. Story Abstract
    3. Gameplay
    4. Development Platform


  1. Game Mechanics
    1. User Interface Description
    2. Use Cases
    3. Storytelling
    4. Level Summary


  1. User Interface Design
    1. Key Screen Images
    2. Control Summary
    3. State transition diagrams
    4. Design Rules
  1. Artificial Intelligence
    1. Opponent AI
    2. Non-Player Characters
    3. Reactive Items


  1. Story Overview
    1. Plot Summary
    2. Story Board
    3. Character Bible


  1. Game Progression
    1. Flowchart
    2. Level and Scene Details


  1. Bibliography


  1. Lessons Learned

Your design write up should be 10 to 15 pages long. On 11-16-16, you will break up into small groups and conduct walkthroughs of your game design in 1212 ML. Figure that you will have 15-20 minutes to explain your game concept and get feedback from your classmates. I will provide electronic review forms that you will need to complete on Canvas. The revised version of the document can be uploaded on November 18th.

Your team is expected to demonstrate the alpha prototype of your game in class on November 30th.

Assigned:  11-02-16
Date due:  11-18-16