Author, Author!    

A few of my favorite authors are:                                  

John Saul 
Reading List

Anne Rice
Reading List

Mary Higgins Clark
Reading List

Dean Koontz
(Reading List)

A series of books I recommend is:

The Left Behind Series  (Reading List)

                Left Behind, the Kids     (Reading List)

Reading List

Saul, John Suffer the Children x x
Saul, John Punish the Sinners x x
Saul, John Cry for the Strangers x x
Saul, John Comes the Blind Fury x x
Saul, John When the Wind Blows x x
Saul, John The God Project x x
Saul, John Nathaniel x x
Saul, John Brainchild x x
Saul, John Hellfire x x
Saul, John The Unwanted x x
Saul, John The Unloved x x
Saul, John Creature x x
Saul, John Second Child x x
Saul, John Sleepwalk x x
Saul, John Darkness x x
Saul, John Shadows x x
Saul, John Guardian x x
Saul, John The Homing x x
Saul, John Black Lightning x x
Saul, John The Blackstone Chronicles x x
Saul, John The Presence x x
Saul, John The Right Hand of Evil x x
Saul, John Nightshade x x
Saul, John Manhattan Hunt Club x x
Saul, John Midnight Voices x x
Saul, John Black Creek Crossing x x
Saul, John Perfect Nightmare x x
Saul, John In the Dark of the Night x  
Saul, John The Devil's Labyrinth x  
Saul, John Faces of Fear    
Saul, John House of Reckoning    
Rice, Ann Interview with the Vampire x x
Rice, Ann The Feast of All Saints
Rice, Ann Cry to Heaven x x
Rice, Ann The Vampire Lestat x x
Rice, Ann The Queen of the Damned x x
Rice, Ann The Mummy x x
Rice, Ann The Witching Hour x x
Rice, Ann The Tale of the Body Thief x x
Rice, Ann Lasher x x
Rice, Ann Taltos x x
Rice, Ann Memnoch The Devil x x
Rice, Ann Servant of the Bones x x
Rice, Ann Violin x
Rice, Ann Pandora
Rice, Ann Armand
Rice, Ann Vittorio The Vampire
Rice, Ann Merrick
Rice, Ann Blood and Gold
Rice, Ann The Master of Rampling Gate
Higgins-Clark, Mary x x
Higgins-Clark, Mary x x
Higgins-Clark, Mary x
Higgins-Clark, Mary
Higgins-Clark, Mary
Koontz, Dean The Bad Place x

Koontz, Dean

Cold Fire

Koontz, Dean Darkfall
Koontz, Dean The Face of Fear
Koontz, Dean Lightning
Koontz, Dean The Mask
Koontz, Dean Midnight x
Koontz, Dean Night Chills x
Koontz, Dean Phantoms x
Koontz, Dean The Servants of Twilight
Koontz, Dean Shattered
Koontz, Dean Strangers
Koontz, Dean Twilight Eyes
Koontz, Dean The Vision x
Koontz, Dean The Voice of the Night
Koontz, Dean Watchers
Koontz, Dean Whispers
Koontz, Dean House of Thunder x
Koontz, Dean Hideaway x
AUTHOR TITLE - Left Behind Series OWN READ
Jenkins/LaHaye #1Left Behind x x
Jenkins/LaHaye #2Tribulation Force x x
Jenkins/LaHaye #3Nicolae x x
Jenkins/LaHaye #4Soul Harvest  x
Jenkins/LaHaye #5Apollyon x
Jenkins/LaHaye #6Assassins x
Jenkins/LaHaye #7The Indwelling x
Jenkins/LaHaye #8The Mark
Jenkins/LaHaye #9Desecration
Jenkins/LaHaye #10The Remnant
Jenkins/LaHaye #11Armageddon
Jenkins/LaHaye #12Glorious Appearing
Left Behind-The Kids Series
Jenkins/LaHaye 1 -30 books


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