Ahh!  Another of my favorite holidays.  This one I actually do like.  My brudder and his girlfriend come home and my grandmudder visits, too.  We eat a big brunch of sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, orange juice, tomato juice and two kinds of coffeecake.  I love people-food.  I usually get a catnip mouse and enjoy that for awhile.  I'm older now, so I lose interest fast.  But I mostly enjoy the boxes, ribbons and wrapping paper.  I like to attack the paper and lay in the boxes, especially if some new clothes are in them.  It's also a great vantage point for watching my brudder open his presents.  I'm a really good kitty, tho'.  I hardly ever attack the enormous amount of Christmas decorations my mudder puts up.  There are a lot of German antiques and Japanese collectibles.  I'm pretty good about the tree--I usually only bat at one or two of the lower ornaments; these are the unbreakable kind and not too old.  I run around the tree and that makes my mudder very nervous.  Her other cat, Domino, knocked fully-decorated trees down at least three times and usually at 2 a.m.  I've never been bad like that.  Hope you always have a Meowy Kissmouse!

Lucky's Last Christmas (2000)

~~~In Memoriam~~~
4/15/1981 ~ 1/16/2001
On January 16, 2001, my sweet angel kitty succumbed to old age.  He was just 2 months shy of 20 years old.  This is the most heart-wrenching of losses, as he was my companion and brought me such joy.  My house is very empty now.  No longer does my cat greet me at the door when I come home from work or jump into my lap to get some lovin'.  I have so many wonderful memories of Lucky's antics and how he filled my home with life. This page is dedicated to his memory and his story and pictures will be here so that others may know about him.  I shall miss him forever.  He truly was the best cat in the universe.  :(  


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