Lucky's Holidays

Halloween--It's kind of my favorite holiday--but not really.

Halloween is scary--I don't like all the kids coming to my door in their strange costumes. The only thing good about it is that mudder likes to decorate the house. And she only likes Halloween because she can decorate the house with black cats! We have all kinds of black cat decorations, e.g., wood, ceramic, fabric, paper, etc. But, of course, I'm the best decoration--a real, live, breathing, black cat. On nice Halloween nights, I get to sit on the front porch with mudder while she hands out candy (on a leash, of course--I don't want to end up at the local animal shelter, although mudder does her best to help those unfortunate kitties). And I do my best Halloween cat impression and arch my back really high. But, then I like to go back in the house and hide in mudder's bedroom.


Are you scared? Well, you should be!


Me, on St. Patrick's Day

Yeah, yeah; I know I'm cute!
(That's my big brudder holding me.)


       Valentine's Day  




~~In Memoriam~~
4/15/1981 ~ 1/16/2001
On January 16, 2001, my sweet angel kitty succumbed to old age.  He was just 2 months shy of 20 years old.  This is the most heart-wrenching of losses, as he was my companion and brought me such joy.  My house is very empty now.  No longer does my cat greet me at the door when I come home from work or jump into my lap to get some lovin'.  I have so many wonderful memories of Lucky's antics and how he filled my home with life. This page is dedicated to his memory and his story and pictures will be here so that others may know about him.  I shall miss him forever.  He truly was the best cat in the universe.  :(


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