Hi, it's me!  I'm the one who created this hodgepodge of a website.  I'm still learning and I really enjoy it.  I don't think I need to tell you much about myself on this page, as I have given you plenty of hints about my favorite things on all the other pages.

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Me:  as a baby and at 18, DHS Senior picture.

Cindy, Adams Jr. High;  Dearborn High School, Head Majorette, 1966

Other high school activities included:  Girl's Athletic Association (GAA)-earned numerals and letter, Alpha Beta Kappa Y-Teens and Junior Achievement (president).  Earned a B-Certificate.

After high school, I attended Henry Ford Community College and earned an Associate in Science degree, Magna Cum Laude.

Cindy's Junior Prom, 1965                                     Senior Prom, 1966
Escort:  Rick Hyduk                                      Escort:  Darrell Kecskes

Cindy, 2 years 9 months, Christmas 1950:  Shirley-Temple-wannabe.
(My son always tells me that I'm melodramatic!)

Cindy Sue on Christmas Day 1949 - 21 months.



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