Yes, I love my old dolls.  I feel like a kid again.  I had a few of my own left, but I've had to replace some that I sold at rummage sales long ago.  I now realize that was a BIG mistake.  Some of my dolls are:  Betsy McCall, Ginny, Muffie, Madame Alexander, Vicki, Mitzi, Saucy Walker, Tiny Tears, etc.  All from the 1950's and very early 60's.  

Pictures of some of the dolls I currently have:

The dress that Saucy Walker is wearing is a handmade re-creation of a dress my mom (Santa) made for her.  Her original dress was short, white with red.  Mitzi (a Barbie-like brunette) is pictured on the short chair and "Tiny Tears"-type doll is seated in the highchair wearing an antique Christening gown covered by one of my baby hand-knit wool sweater set that shrunk to doll-size when laundered.

Ginny, Ginny-type, Vicki-type, Madame Alexander and Betsy McCall:

Betsy is wearing a dress from a McCall's pattern with a pinafore my NaNa made.
Most of the other dolls are wearing original creations by me when I was a teen.


I also love small tea sets (from child-sized down to tiny miniatures).

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