I started out in August, 1995 on a quest to change my boring life.  I became a Friend for the Dearborn Animal Shelter (FFDAS), volunteering my time at meetings, fundraisers and working at the shelter on Saturdays. I have continued to work on Saturday mornings in the cat room.  Originally, I washed cat food dishes, emptied litter pans and dirty dishes from cages, put clean litter pans and food and water into cages, named kitties, groomed kitties and helped with adoptions. Because the FFDAS has now taken over the shelter, I only have to name cats, help with adoptions and photos, groom and socialize cats. Of course, I love this. My official title is "Cat Cuddler."  I also help with satellite adoptions.  I know you're probably thinking I must have hundreds of cats at home, but I was a single cat owner of the best and most beautiful black, 19 3/4-year-old cat, Lucky.  Unfortunately, Lucky has now gone to kitty heaven--I miss him so much. (See Tributes or Lucky's pages.)

I can’t believe how many cats and kittens we have available for adoption.  They’re all so wonderful, I just wish they could find loving homes quickly.  I’ll be donating washable cat toys again.  Two years ago, the Mayor of Dearborn, Michael Guido, had a volunteer recognition dinner for us  and I received a pin and a certificate.


"It's like being in kitty jail!  Please adopt a shelter-kitty.  We all want loving homes.  We'll give you kitty kisses and purr for you.  We are so much fun to be with, even if we are a little older and bigger than a kitten. Meow!"

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