My Dad

Gordon O. Albright


USMC-Marine Corps 4th Division, Corporal,   WWII, Tinian, Sipan, Kwajalean, Tarawa, (Japanese Theater of War). 
Cute picture of my dad and his friend, Ralph Brannon, in San Diego on July 23, 1944.

Cadillac Motor Car Company, GM, General Supervisor, retired, 30 years  and out.

Gordon with his second Cadillac (the first one was gold). Gordon with his first El Dorado

"Up North":   My parents built their retirement home on Long Lake in Presque Isle County, near Alpena, Michigan.  They only were able to live there a few years, because Dad had a heart attack and they had to move back to the Dearborn area.

Happy times with Grandma, Grandpa and Sheena "Up North."

THE WEDDING - 5/3/47


Gordon 22, Donna 21, Kitty 8 mos. and Cindy 9 mos.
"The Albrights"  December, 1948

California, 1966

Donna & Gordon, 11/2/68

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