Puma came to live with me on February 27, 2005.  She is the sweetest kitty.  Of course, the first day she hid under my bed and growled and hissed.  She was scared, and because I have volunteered at the Dearborn Animal Shelter for 12 years, I understood and let her have her space.  By the next morning, she was willing to be held.  From then on, she felt she was in her new home and was safe.
These are pictures from her previous owner, Barry.

She is now 7-years-old, spayed and 4-paw de-clawed.*  What's cute (and sad), is she "sharpens her claws" on my furniture and I tell her she is doing a good job of it.  She likes to give "head bumps", as we call them at the shelter--the sweet thing about it is that Barry calls them "Puma kisses."  She will, at times, do this when you ask for a Puma kiss.  Sometimes she "kisses" (bumps) so hard, that she knocks my glasses off!  She loves to sit on my lap and cuddle and to sleep on me or in my arms in bed.  When I say "cuddle," she really cuddles.  She purrs a lot and "talks" as well.

As you can see, Puma still likes to sit on the back of a Lazyboy chair.

Puma is very smart--she adjusted to my routine within a couple of days.  She already had been taught by Barry to "shake hands."  She now does a "circle dance" that ends in a "stand up" on her two back legs with her two front paws high in the air. She comes when her name is called.  She also can do deductive reasoning!  When she pushes a toy under a door, instead of trying to reach for it, she will walk to the other side of the door and push the toy back under the door and return to the other side and pick it up.  Pretty smart.  :)


She fetches her toys and carries them back to me in her mouth, while she mews a muffled little meow.  She loves to play with milk bottle rings and rubber bands--she'll put them on her front leg like a bangle bracelet and then fling them into the air to chase.


She actually enjoys Halloween.  Whenever a trick-or-treater comes to the door, she sits on the edge of the couch and watches them.  Very brave!

She follows me from room to room and loves to sleep on my chest while I sit.  She curls up and turns her head up to face me with such an endearing look.  I am so glad that I made the decision to give her a home--she truly is a direct answer to a prayer.  I needed a kitty and she needed a new home.  It has worked out well.  And, I wouldn't trade her for anything.  She is a great companion.


Updated 11/1/06

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