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9/27/2003 ~ 2/14/2005

Saber (foster beginning September 27, 2003) Decision to adopt made within 2 weeks!!

This is Saber's Dearborn Animal Shelter picture from Petfinder.  Male, 1 year, they think he's a Turkish Angora.  However, after reading cat breed descriptions, he better fits as a RagaMuffin.

  This is his "official" photo.

After Destiny died of old age, I swore I would never ever adopt another pet, so I took all my cat supplies to the Dearborn Animal Shelter for their use.  My house was so quiet and empty, so I began going to the shelter on a weekly basis to groom and cuddle kitties, with no intention of taking any home.  Well, big surprise, I adopted another black kitty.  He is gorgeous as you can see and he is very cute, too.  Saber was his shelter name and I kept it as he was already answering to it. He is only about 1 1/2 years old, so he is full of energy.  This is his "official"  adoption story:

"I always have a few favorites at the shelter, usually the black cats.  We are overloaded with about 300 cats and kittens and no space, about 10% of them are black.  Each week I would groom Saber, Wilson, Hollywood, Archie, etc.  I felt really sorry for Archie, he was very small and timid, so I worked with him and didn't think he would be adopted.  So I put a DNPTS (do not put to sleep) on his card, with a note saying I really wasn't ready for a cat; only as a last resort.  But because I had socialized him so well, he did get adopted within the week.  Phew?  I dodged that bullet.  Two weeks later, a new big three-year-old black male, shiny short hair with green eyes, front declawed, came in.  Wilson was shy, but let me pet him while he ate and he was very neat about his food.  I thought, "this is a cool cat; I could like him."  But he had a sniffling nose, so I delayed putting a DNPTS on him.  Well, the next week I found out that they had put him down.  I felt very guilty and sad, so I dashed into the shelter garage to weep, looked for my favorite shelf kitty and held him with my head tucked into his belly.  So I'm talking and weeping to Saber, telling him how I slipped up on Wilson, when I realized that here is another cat that has been here a long time and I could save him  I told him that I would put a DNPTS on him; but that if he really wanted to "seal the deal," because after five months he had never kissed me and there is nothing better than a kitty kiss, he needed to do so.  And . . . he kissed me twice.  It was fate!  He was due to go to the Zoo-Do adoption event the next day, so when I went back to the office to place the DNPTS, I figured he may get adopted at the event.  However, the shelter staff had other ideas.  They told me to take him home now.  I said I no longer have cat stuff at home.  They told an assistant to gather up supplies for me.  They said no one was going to adopt a black cat at Zoo-Do and he was already neutered and micro-chipped, ready to go home with me.  I was not ready for a commitment--no problem, they said, you are only fostering.  I placed Saber in the carrier (without a struggle or a mew).  I put a leash on him.  We drove home--he was quiet as could be in the car (unlike any other cat I've known).  At home, I opened the door; he walked in, rubbed on all the furniture marking his new territory, jumped up on the couch and proceeded to take a bath.  I guess he figured he was home.  My co-workers say the reason he was never adopted was because he was just waiting patiently for me to get my act together and take him home.  All I can say is that he has been a miracle worker.  It is fun to have him around, to talk with, to groom and hold, listen to him purring, letting him kiss me, entertain me with his silly antics.  (He will never take the place of my sweet angel kitty, Lucky, but he surely will have a special place of his own.)"

  He loves to look outside.  Now he has his own window perch.

  I don't know why he looks mean in these pictures.  He tends to look down away from the camera.  I will be taking more pictures, of course, so there should be some better poses.  He loves to play with all kinds of toys and is very adventurous.  Seems very smart, as he has learned many word commands already.

  Here he is showing his white patch of fur near his crotch.  I tease him and say he is wearing a white Speedo. J

He loves to take baths and gets in all silly kinds of positions.

Christmas 2003.  He absolutely adored going to the pet store where everybody wanted to pet him.  He walked on his leash and enjoyed the dogs and birds.  Even shopped for his own kitty litter.  He is very docile and friendly.

More pictures to come.




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