Joining the IREP Lab

Both graduate and undergraduate students are involved in the IREP Lab. The majority of Lab members work in the Lab on a voluntary basis. Some take the Lab for course credit while they are completing an Honors Thesis or a Graduate Thesis. To join the IREP lab, you must be able to volunteer at least five hours a week to Lab activities. The majority of Lab members are students at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Most members are psychology majors or pre-med students.

Why do students join the IREP Lab?

The most common reasons for joining the lab are...

  1. ...getting first-hand experience working on research projects.
  2. ...learning how to do research with human subjects (e.g., navigating informed consent).
  3. ...cultivating skills in data analysis and statistical software package use (e.g., SPSS).
  4. ...obtaining experience organizing and presenting data at local and national conferences.
  5. complete student-led projects and/or a student Thesis.
  6. improve the odds of getting into graduate school and/or medical school.
  7. learn more about personality, emotions, and relationships.

How do I apply to join the IREP Lab?

Students can apply to become involved in the IREP Lab by filling out the IREP Lab Application and emailing it to Professor Siefert at In your email, be sure to indicate several times you are available to meet with Professor Siefert to discuss your application. Professor Siefert meets individually with all applicants to discuss their goals, provide information on the lab, review requirements of lab membership, and to determine if IREP is a good fit. Like all research labs, the IREP Lab has a limited number of spaces and, unfortunately, it is impossible to accept everyone who applies. Professor Siefert works with students who are not accepted into the Lab find research positions elsewhere.

What are the requirements upon joining the IREP Lab?

Please read over the Lab Orientation for more information about conducting research in the IREP Lab.

Students who join the Lab must fulfill the following three requirements before conducting or participating in research:

  1. Students must go to and complete the following PEERRS Module related to working with human subjects: Human Subjects – Social & Behavioral Sciences
  2. Students who complete the PEERRS Module listed above will receive a PDF document confirming completion. This should be emailed to Professor Siefert at
  3. Students must have an eResearch login in order to be assigned to a research study. To obtain or confirm an eResearch login, go to: > Regulatory Management > Login. If you are unable to log in, you will need to create an eResearch account.