UMD Contest 2008 - Contest Photos

Late night coding with Brian

Contestants are going out of their wits trying to solve problems designed by the evil judges ha ha ha !

Mmmm you can cut tension with a knife!

Lab supervisors, Vince and Jer

Dennis is caught on the 1st floor.  Look at his evil smile.  It says "You won't solve my problems!"

Scott and Dennis are fixing up the judging system

David has solved problem B already

Cale was the first to solve problem B.  I bet he didn't expect this balloon!

Vince playing with the marble balloon (problem A)

David is going on to his 4th balloon

Scoreboard is heating up! as Jer and Cardi are watching the lab

Balloons galore!

David has 4 balloons now (orange one is hidden from view).



Judges' Room, Dennis, Scott and Vince

Judges' Room - Dennis, Scott, Vince and Pablo

Look!  A new submission!

Cardi at work

Jer at work

Gierad and Brian

Cardi, Vince and Pablo


David is working it out !

Contest is over

Dennis is giving his speech

Cale Colony

Cale receives Fastest Coder award!

Brian McClure

Chaz Tinskey

Gierad Laput

Jon Smereka

Randy Foster

Tom Kowalski

Jason Eaton, THIRD PLACE

Dmitriy Ansolis, SECOND PLACE

David Lawrenchuk, FIRST PLACE

Dennis Matveyev, Contest Director


Cale Colony

Scott Hoffman, the judge