UMD Contest Winter 2009 - Contest Photos

Playing Card Game -- CHOCOLATE!!,  Scott in the background, Trevor, Anthony, Cale, Dennis, and Vince eating again!

Contestants hard at work

Contest Lab

Cardi hard at work

Scott Hoffman, The Evil Judge

Cory Skelly says Hi!

Brian McClure

Jeff Loiola proves that thinking produces great programs!

Cale Colony at his best!

David Lawrenchuk, strum that ukulele!  He is posing, can you tell?

The Programming Duo !!  You can just see the raw power of Chaz and Dmitriy

Josiah Hudson (right) teaming up with Michael Lane

Jon Smereka checking his syntax.  Or maybe semantics.

Trevor Tabaka and Anthony Wesley.  What are they programming?

Kevin Wang is leaving everyone in the dust!

The Evil Judges, Scott Hoffman, Luke Duncan

Everyone around Kevin Wang

Dennis Matveyev contest director and Kevin Wang wins top prize!

Dennis Matveyev and David Lawrenchuk contest finalist

Dennis Matveyev and Cale Colony contest finalist

Post contest results

Post contest results