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Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice
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Professor: David R. Lilley, Ph.D.

Criminal Justice Program (Official Website)

Curriculum Vitae

Introducing A New Course: SOLVING CRIME PROBLEMS - Listed as Applied Criminal Justice Theory (CRJ 480)


University of Michigan-Dearborn - Library (Proquest)

Social Science Data Archive - ICPSR (University of Michigan)

Bureau of Justice Statistics Online Crime Data Tools

FBI Crime Data

National Crime Victimization Data Tables

Center for Problem Oriented Policing

National Prisoner Recidivism Report

New: Criminal Justice Jobs and Careers

UM-D Criminal Justice - Required Courses (Additional Information)


Police Tactics and Strategies - Effectiveness

Performance Appraisal of Police Officers

Performance Appraisal of Community Policing Officers

Police Performance and Job Satisfaction

Crime Reduction Outcomes - Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG)

Outcome Analysis - Violence Against Women Programs

State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) - Outcome Analysis

Cops Program Effectiveness - GAO Report

Criminal Justice Studies at University of Michigan Dearborn