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Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice
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Professor: David R. Lilley, Ph.D.

Criminal Justice Program (Official Website)

Curriculum Vitae

Introducing A New Course: SOLVING CRIME PROBLEMS - Listed as Applied Criminal Justice Theory (CRJ 480)


University of Michigan-Dearborn - Library (Proquest)

Social Science Data Archive - ICPSR (University of Michigan)

Bureau of Justice Statistics Online Crime Data Tools

FBI Crime Data

National Crime Victimization Data Tables

Center for Problem Oriented Policing

National Prisoner Recidivism Report (New 2005 Update)

New: Criminal Justice Jobs and Careers

UM-D Criminal Justice - Required Courses (Additional Information)


Police Tactics and Strategies - Effectiveness

Performance Appraisal of Police Officers

Performance Appraisal of Community Policing Officers

Police Performance and Job Satisfaction

Crime Reduction Outcomes - Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG)

Outcome Analysis - Violence Against Women Programs

State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) - Outcome Analysis

Cops Program Effectiveness - GAO Report

Criminal Justice Studies at University of Michigan Dearborn