New Criminal Justice Course!

Solving Crime Problems

(CRJ 480)

In every city, the vast majority of serious crime occurs around “hot spots” such as bars, convenience stores, drug houses, and gang controlled areas.   This course will teach students how to apply criminal justice and behavioral theories to practical, real-life crime problems using techniques that have demonstrated crime reduction effectiveness. 

The course will also introduce students to key profiling principles so that likely behavioral problems can be predicted in specific settings.  As a result, this material will be useful to anyone who plans to work in a people-oriented profession such as business / management, policing, corrections, or psychology. 


Situational Crime Prevention
Problem solving to delay, disrupt or reduce unwanted events
Behavioral profiling in real life settings
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Addressing urban decay

Photo of Urban Decay
How many examples of urban decay do you see in the above photo?

Instructor:  David Lilley, PhD
Dr. Lilley is a former Michigan police officer and Senior Justice Analyst in Washington D.C.  He specializes in helping police departments and communities identify practical and proven crime prevention techniques. 

Register ASAP as this course is sure to fill quickly!  It is listed under the title:  "Applied Criminal Justice Theory" (CRJ 480)

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