Seperation of the Sexes.

In western socity women have been gaining status. Women gained status with the invention on the typewriter. Now women are Sun positions of power Sun many western government. Some are seated on the bench on the justice syste. Others like Margret Thacher, and Frau Merkle lead their countries government as prime ministers.    
The artifact documents in China do not show much of the role of women in China. Most of the description of women's roles are Sun stories. Women were to be chaiste and play a role Sun running the family inside the home.
As a result stories are used to describe the roles and status of women.

Boji was a widow and an aristocrat  Women did not go out at night. She stayed in inside because no governess or matron came for her. 
As China modernized women were given a chance to be technicians in the government and commerce. They got a chance to provide for their children and also have a career.

Women are half of the population in society and economics. Can women be considered as half the population in politics? Education is both in politics and society. But is it gender egalatarian? Or is sex inate (Gao Zi to Mencius) and necessary for human beings?
p86 17. Original text - not reproduced in Chinese characters or Pingin.

The Chinese have a long history of adding concubunes to their families, in order to produce children (Document 54 Family Instructions p242 #4). They could take concubines in in order to begret heirs as a last resort. Inumerable conflict occurs between half brothers in this instance. Linkage is called into question.  

Preserve the Family Property.

The houses, fields and ponds accumulated by the family should not be divided or sold. 

Women were used to demonstrate the complexity of social structures in: 
The Spite of Lotus (p249-252).
Character synopsis.
Ximen - Husband - He said that his wives were worth a couple hundred taels of silver.
Lotus-  The favorite wife hated Snow. She was the fifth mistress. She was to ask for a divorce. She could drive all others out of the family.
Snow- Forth wife - Plum complained to her about Lotus's bad mood. She complained about ther serants. Ximen kicked her because of Plum. Ximen overheard Snow and beat her. She lied about Snow killing her first husband before marring Ximen 
Moon - The principal wife gets ready for a funeral. She was in ill health.
Grace - Was the second wife who performed most of the social and budget tasks.
Gender and Sexuality in Mordern Chinese History
Susan L Mann, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York 2011

	Chrysanthemum - The servant subject of Plum's scorn.
	Jade-   Servant who announced Lotus will have to throw a party because she 	lost at chess.  She was the subject of distain for Lotus.
	Jewel - Jewel investigated the incident.
	Plum  -maid -  Embelished the upbraiding she recieved. 
In order to gain the attention of Ximen, Lotus resorted to tricks. Ximen was the head of the household. He beat Snow because he was the husband, but Ximen showed Lotus attention. The male could treat any wife any way he wanted. The information he gathered could be based on hearsay, or from snooping. Rhere was no tribunal set up to insure justice was served.

Women in China were thought to be strickly kept in the household. They were the caregivers of the children. Even if they raised the children they had few recourses if their Spouce died (Document 56 Widows Loyal Unto Death.)
As a result of these and other restraints, the suicide rate among Chinese women was among the world's highest.  
Only when the Communists came to power was poligamy outlawed. Class notes (April 15)