History of China


China is a world power. It is cosmopolitan (lecture March 12):

      - diverse,.

      - common to world,

      - modern,

      - cultured, 

      - economically developed,

      - center of state

It is a country that influences all countries of the world and does have social and structural models for others to emulate.

There are Two views on the development of China:

1. Pure empire becomes corrupt.

China begin in a single place in a bend of the yellow river

written records 6000 years after.

2. China organized in different places in separate centers.

The 1st dynasty was established before written records

      - It justified coercion.

      - Cooperation was the principal driving force of unifying China.

Then the empire became solidified because of the mystic writings on the Oracle bones to legitimize power. They emphasized the mandate of heaven to rule   ( Lecture Jan 17)

The Chinese did not believe that one family should rule for an eternity.

      Emperor Xunzi believed a true ruler takes care of the people. (Lecture Jan 31)

      The Han emperor criticized the previous administration for Legalism.

The essay looks at four areas:

-    China in the world today.GLOBALCU.htm

-    The Chinese written system.CONTIN.html

-    Women's development of equal rights.GENDER1.html

-    Economic development.ECON.htm

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