Ethics - July 2

Best of world - Lack of knowledge.

Ethics and morality no difference.

No moral rules.

Best for human beings for short term of life.

Pain from illness 3-12%

Moral delema

Patient wants to die.

Patient 1 Muhammad

refuses ventilator

laws should reflect morality

Patient 2 Latiska

Requests withdrawal of ventialtor.

Emotional verses ethical.

     Pointof view - we are all going to die.


Patient 3 Jenifer - against the law

     asksto be killed.

Article Rachels - Active and passive euthensia


                      ~ S  Reason for desires


psychological difference - no moral distinction

       look at results in each case.

pneumonia - old persons friend. Before anitbotic

     Theintent to bring death is wrong.

Delema 2

     Churvchillin WWII told Nazis could win unless he uses Bomber command- (kill innocentcivilians) - Nazis will kill millions

Consequenses of action or not act.

Would decision make a difference?

Not to act can be just as immoral as acting if theconsequences are the same.

1. Some acts are immoral non consequential

2. Consequalism - results are important.