Ethics and science.

Moral Dilemma.

Based on Reason, not custom, authority, feeling


Claim -assert something to be true, not necessarily based on fact

Ethics - Make claim about truth - Back up truth.

Rational evidence

Objective truth - Not subjective.

Each side has its evidence - disagreement

Use reasoning to back up, defend claim

We think ethics are worth believing

®)9¯Different®):¯ grounds for ®)9¯belief®):¯

Evidence is overwhelming -- jury system

Reason and strong objection.

Why would a thoughtful person reject your position?

Test argument to severe criticism.

Want to hear  something opposite to disagree with.

Medial school - Expectation of ethics

Dialogue and discussion

* Characteristics of ethics are possible to defend

Absurd - No claim is better than all others.

Ethics claim differ from science.

Scientific                       Ethics

Facts                           values

Empirical (Method)              Normative

Descriptive             Perception

What is                       What ought to be

                                    Should be

                                    Obligate - fail to do


Separate facts from the ethical.

Bio ethical - is this life worth living?

Assume facts-(not to change)

Editorial make ethical claim

Normative or factual(Statement)

Poor people desire health care as good as rich - norm

Fact take survey Law is fact

What is verses what is

1st test fact verses normative claims.