Real utilitarian considers the world benefit.

Jul 11

What are the problems of CBA?

Cost Benefit Analysis- Biggest bang for buck.

Best consequence of good over bad.

      Number of people helped.

      Likelihood of it occurring.

Public policy.

      How much you regulate

      How much you want to make safer.

Liberal more likely to be nonconsequentialist.

Quiz 1- Four criticisms of utilitarian

      dwarfing of soft variables.

      define value of life.

      the auto and air bags.

      value of life auto industry $180,000

                        government $220,00

Ethical assumption

      value of human life.

      value of cure in future.

Different consequentialist disagree

Problem applying vs criticism

1. Ignores moral rules and rights. morals on stilts.

2. Ignores Justice

3. Ignores obligation

4. Ignores special obligations.

1. Rights

Do we get rights from God?


Where do rights come from?

Can we have a theory without rights?

One theory is the exclusion of the other in all cases.

No particular case to make a theory

But use reason to get to a theory and then examine case.

Can you doubt a theory?

Peter Seger - based on reason

Shock people - look at my reasoning.

Debate on role of intuition - Is your evidence wrong?

Struggle between principles and theories.

Utilitarian leads to torture.

2. Denial of justice.

Ignore justice - punishment- only when good comes out of it.

- Protect society - Deter other people

- Separate from people

- Closure of victims by loved ones.

- Future

Kant - Is it wrong no to punish one for an immoral act.

Time changes people- like Nazi war criminals

Remorse - Change since crime

Rut people retain identity

Does good come out of prison  or should a bad person be punished.


Distributive justice -            amount


Everybody free                     10 % slaves in a state

total happiness not as great       90% extremely happy

                                   This is not reasonable

                                    people revolt

Cut Tax - Utilitarian

 After tax cut          Before tax cut

    A                      B

   Rich                   Rich

     very Happy

   Middle class          Middle

     somewhat happy

    Poor                  Poor


4. Utilitarian - ignores special obligation to special people

Save father or save more foreigners.

Revenge - feelings   Distribution justice - fit the crime

Causes for belief vs justification

Give impartial reason for favoring your child

Reason - Because you are my child

Utilitarianism - All people are equal

hen is Consequentialism    a good theory?

Lead to Kant

      Morally relevant differs

between acts and omissions

Williams - agent kill one Indian to save others

What is an obligation

Kant -Intent to act

What thing makes moral choises?

Criticism of Utilitarianism

Makes us do horrible things.

Requires too much.