Ethical Relativism - No universal rule

Belief knowledge

Opinion vs truth

Travel to ethnic Land

Collapse of communism - led to highlights of conflicts of morals in the word.

Cultures in other periods of time.

A belief so well rounded it comes close to knowledge

Ruth Benedict - argues against ethnocentralism

Apply to all persons in all time.

Claim to a belief as a truth. Then impose values or express tolerance

See Pres Bush in West Point June 1, 2002

Was South Africa wrong?

Should we do anything about it?

*Standard Ethical View : Rational and Impartial

Pakistani woman gang raped because her brother committed adultery. She did not commit suicide, but spoke out

Ethical Absolutism vs Relativistic

Western culture may infiltrate other cultures.

2 Challenges to ethics

1. broad based reason

2. Obligation belongs only to us

Rational Ethics- Standpoint must be based upon reason. Base on values.

Impartial Ethics - Apply to all

Distinguish Ethical Relativism from social relativism

Social Relativism (normalism) Societies differ - Observe truth

Some ethical truths between all cultures.

Connect belief and truth

Should we say

? - No culture can be mistaken in its belief about ethics.

Ethics is created by the human mind

No method to show right or wrong.

Yes there is a method.

Reasonable argument

Reduction to absurd argument

Promise x=> Y is wrong then X is wrong.

Absolute Relivance Absurdity

- Moral comparisons among groups would be meaningless - Against relevance.

- Moral judgement - even with in a group would be impossible.

Abortion is ok because of the psychol;ogical state of mother.

It doesn't matter how the results comes about.

What ever side wins- Relativist.

What is right is the current system.