Singer.- People give lip service to Christian principle.

One person suffering is equal to all others. We have obligations

Children die from lack of clean water.

We spend a lot on bottled water.

Basic argument

- Suffering and death

- It is in our power to prevent something bad from happening without thereby sacrificing something of comparable moral value CMI comparative moral importance. We ought to do it.

Moderate sacrifice. Anything of moral importance.

He writes well as a utilitarian.

Failure to promote a moral good comparable with doing something that is wrong in itself

3 kinds of obligation.

Do good + | No distinction

Prevent bad - Prevent | Between these three

Not cause harm - Not create |

Common sense

Singer "My CMI principle requires only to PREVENT what is bad and not to promote what is good.

Not merely not to do bad but prevent it.

Long term redirection of suffering.

People have right to wealth.

Controversial elements of CMI

1 Takes no account of distance

Feeling are stronger close by but no moral importance

Modern communication you can see distant suffering.

2. Doesn't distinguish between when you are the only one who can help and when many others can help.

Supererogatory - (Singer - charity)

If he chooses - praiseworthy but not blameworthy if you do not.

Criticism 1 Too distant from our own moral scheme.

2. Aquinas - (God) Overabundance to poor. Satisfy our wants and needs.