Test more essay

Focus since last test

Use Singer

Premise - hidden premise


Find statement flawed

See flaws in study guide.

      Inflation and unemployment 10%

utilitarian not accurate

How much they were harmed

Challenge to "Standard Ethics"

The role of "fellow feeling"


Virtue  - help        | to living

Vice      hindrance  | well


Consider with - Compassion, feeling

Right - Character traits

Singer - carry out right acts

Virtue needed to live well - Wisdom

Judge culture that emphasizes right character traits

Aristotle - Unexamined life is not worth living - vs contentment.

Get an education

Person who has three desires and all satisfied - Not a good life

Mayo - Good person

- Good person

- standard ethics - does not address

- Virtue more helpful than standard ethics.

Wisdom to know other virtues

This culture preaches drive - Maybe we need to look at living better.

Virtue to live in the present. Experience the actual moment in consciousness.

Kenny Rogers - pitches great-  Others talked about the past.

Aristotle- Virtue a means between extremes

Is curiosity a virtue? Overreaching virtue.

- Stories of heroes and villains can teach ethics better than theories.

Vagueness of applying this?

Mistake to criticize theories as too complex

Vs. hopeless vague

Appropriate emotional response to situation.

Scholinger killed 7yr old and Cash did not stop (Assume he could not stop. Is he blameless?

Sometimes we do not wish the best for our fiends. German word.

Obstacle to our living well.

Kant - React with out emotion (Cash)

Change character traits over time.

(Change career) - Influence by environment to change character trait.

The earth quake dilemma.

Volunteer - 3yr old buried up to neck and will die or help others.

Psychological or moral dilemma.

- Taylor would stay with girl.

Loving kindness would contradict all reason.

Contradict head and heart.

- Best act

- Bash head

Challenges to rationality

1. Cottingham - Impartiality

2.              Compassion

3.              Action

Better friend

better person

        right action