Violinist Example

Morally - Keep violinist alive for a day.

Keep child and worry about him in the world.

Coup - Surgeon General for Regan.

No psychological effect of woman after abortion.

No responsible for genetic person unless you assume it.

Thompson assuming fetus is a person.

Abortion when a mother's life at steak (Section 1-2)

Ok to kill another person to save own life.

How much evidence to kill in self defense

10% 50%

Third person kills . Same act - cannot shoot second person.

Kill fetus even though not guilty of threatening life. Army Soldier is innocent but threanening.

Baby is getting larger and larger and lead to death of mother.

Defend quality of life - self defense ok to kill.

Doctor can kill fetus to save mother

Catholic church - can quote Bible but also defend by reasonable argument.

Obligation -Thompson and Singer

Principle Minimal decency

1 Section 5 Always obligated to save a life when no real sacrifice needed

- No refuse right, comutive, instate

Have 100 aspirin give other one

Trip to Europe- No reason to abort.

Brother and box of chocolate.

Legally obligated to draw line - not hopeless vague.

Not punish innocent people.

OJSimpson - beyond reasonable doubt.

Large sacrifices require a commitment to be made.

Pregnacy is not beyond minimum decency

Section 3-4

  1. Fetus is a person
  2. All persons have a right to life
  3. Fetus has a right to life

Needed an understanding of what right to life implies.

Right not to be killed - violated

Righr not to be killed unjustly.

Thompson take sex precautions - Not responsible for fetus

Put aside decency

Thompson on Right and the obligation to make Large Sacrifice to save life


  1. Person has right if you give it.
  3. Invite fetus into body

Aquinas - Everybody has positive right


English - Fetus becomes morall considerable as time progresses

Arthur and Thompson

Invitation verses intention of child.