Paper - short

2 arguments - 3-4 pages

Paragraph #1 Introduction - One sentence Use I.


agreement - good

Objection  -good

Response - yours




I got source from readings

      modified from

Like a conversation

Issues in detail

Use the ER resources and readings - Searching for truth

Anticipate Objections to plan before board.

Show outline - One clear sentence - moral claim

State and development. Can change position

Reasoning position on Criminal justice.

Quiz - Compton - When not abortion

Objection - Fetus is a potential person

Warren fetus is a resource - No

It may have prima facia -right to life

Space Explorer - same as subject talked about.

Alien captures and wants to clone -

You have liberty to escape

Possible person

Potential - Start developing - Can you stop person from developing?


Doesn't havew moral Considerability. Other people have feelings against killing it.

Prima facia rights of fetus come to nothing.