Modern Traits

Whole essay -Thesis - Impartiallity is nor worthy - Even if possible.

The impartial test is considered true by Singer

Preliminary points

Mere consistancy doesn’t require impartiality

- We do need to consider other people as well as ourself. But Equally?

Argument to reduce to absurdity

1.                  Favor own project

2.                  Cares not on self-reflective issues like loved ones.

3.                  Morally required to give distance equal weight

One thought too many - Why not impartial

Human fulfillment

Set up expectations - Impartiality a betrayal


Good human life - Require relationships

What is the magic of the pronoun “my”


Utalitarian - Come as close as possible - Singer

Sincere fool. Wrong arguement.

The impartiality ideal is contrary to human integrety and the identity of the individual person

You are at the mercy of the world.

Takes over the distinction of human being.

A Central Arguement

The impartiality thesis contradicts the whole purpose of ethics, which is human fulefillment

Cottingham doesn’t answer:

What form of impartiality? Racism; Nationalism - as extended family.

Mayo - Determining wat it means to live a ood life. What is human florishing? Achievement

What traits of character.

Virtue ethics

A main function of either is to teach what is required for a well lived life

Not how people act but being.

Moral virture if you have control of it - Wolf

Do you have moral control over your feelings? Change over time.