1. Format Rule

2 Charge to act on

Quiz 2 - Kant @ attributes of a categorical Imperative

Good will- orient correct moral rule

Not in relation to psychological desires.

Criticism of Consequentialis to Kant

Consequences are totally unrelated.

Questions to answer on-line.

Life support for prisoner

1. Not to give ventilator

2. Give ventilator.

Can they have a good life if they live?

Kirkovan and Rachials are similar


- If you kill one Indian - responsible

If government kills one Indian

Good Will - Kant's concept of a person as a moral agent

I kill - Moral agent

Tree kills- not moral

BF Skinner - people do not have this free will.

We formulate a moral rule ourself.

If an act

Child Development - shape desires or Rational judgement

Want to teach morality

Event in the world Action of person

as moral agent

Cause => Event Action=> Intent purpose

Kant thinks you can have a strong desire and still not do it.

Work from duty

Course Pack - Two neighbors

Doesn't want to kill =Follows desires

Wants to kill but doesn't =>moral

Courts - important for decision

People can change feelings over time.

Not praiseworthy to have nice desires.

Have feelings, but which one to act upon

May act without feeling also


Humans suspended in between


Holy rules?

Kant doesn't talk about human beings - abstract

Categorical hypothesis ( vs hypothetical)

2 formulations

Draw lines of responsibility - Laws insute

The spirit of Kant - Not make yourself exception

1. A rule to be a moral rule - It must be one that you can will to be universal

2. Treat persons as ends in themselves ant not mere means

Kant (anti suicide preserve)

Say a blood test needed- Not really - want to help other people - person as a means

Work for Ford Motor - give consent - person not a means

Kant leads to civil rights- Non utilitarian

Kant criticism - Too abstract

No provision for conflict - Rights conflict```Ethical Relativism