After years of conflict and solving, or not solving, conflicts by war, Europe is peaceful looking. The resolution of conflict solving has manifested itself through the European Union. The European Continent, which proposed many philosophies defining social constructs, has finally achieved its lofty goals of liberty and a high quality of life, purportedly through committees. One country after another has joined the union and accepted European standards.
Is the American Computer corporation, Sun Corporation, ready?
The maker of computer servers distributes free software over the internet, the integrated software package released in 2009.
I have been working on the internet since the late 1990's using first the Detroit Freenet .Org site. That was an American advocacy site in the public domain. It was taken off cyberspace in the early 2000's. No EU links were established in that short period. No feed back from Europe was noted.
I was in Europe thirty years earlier: 
	- Spain under Franko
	- Yugoslavia under Tito
	- London. Near 10 Downing street
This was before the Euro.
I took Polish in 1978 with little introduction to the EU. 
Now in Spanish and German more nationality is taught.
Detroit is an auto capital. Europe and Detroit make cars. So does Japan and Korea. Trade is noted by people like me.
Automotive and steel trade was in the newspapers then, but not so much in cyberspace now. The EU was supposed to allow free trade between Wolkswagen, Mercedes, Fiat and others for US auto makers. Now Chrysler was bought by Mercedes and now Fiat.
Governor Schwartznegger of California (from Austria) was influential in Brussels in promoting a green Earth. California was, at one time, as big as the eighth largest economy in the world. The EU is pushing this issue.
California produces computer software, which needs codes to convert physical digital material to computer server readable data in memory, Dearborn. Special codes are required for foreign languages, according to Information Technology at the University of Michigan. UT8 codes are determined in international conferences, many in the Far East. Accent marks, such as é in French or Spanish, ö in German, are determined by these codes. 
CALPERS, the public pension fund from California, is the largest. It looks at the European government pension funds. News letters from the Pension Investors Magazine is in now Emailed. But I read them occasionally. Funds for government employees are constantly changing.