The Question of freedom.

1. Is it true that belief in freedom should lead to dispar?

- If it does, then it is a paradox (1) because dispar is a constructive factor and being free prohibits oneís wishing anything else.

2. On the contrary, the wish for freedom and for being in the world are one and the same.

- To be in the world is to disclose onself to the world,†† but this is also a disclosure of the world.

- Freedom is the source of all significance and all values.

3. I needs a spontaneity: we spontaneously cast ourselves in the world.

4. But this spontaneity is contingency [just like the appearancemovement of the other] . To be actual it should result from a reflective act and be meaningful acts and projects

. - You see manís freedom is infinite, but his powers are limited [Descartes]

††††††††††† _

My life= the project I undertake. I describe myself in the project.

- But what if my project fails? My freedom fails. I can resist...

So? Hence the call of my freedom is a call for pursuing an other project.