What is a woman?

1. Do women exist? Should it be desirable that they exist? Their place

2. The felicity in danger? But what is felicity?

3. Is there a femine woman- man woman a man?

4. Is felicity secreted by ovaries? A Plutonic essence? A fector? A construct - man made composed by man?

Or like man, woman is a human being do they share human existence?

Being a woman is an accident: a woman is a man and a man is a woman?

But experimental observation shows that man and women are different and who and what is woman.

- A man is right in being a man: it is the woman who is in the oreng

Aristotle, Aquinus - A woman is a defective creature [lack what]


.. The woman defend in relation to the man, not herself.

- Oh no, woman is sex and sex she is to man!

He is the subject: he is the other

But the supremacy of man is not historical like the supremacy over minority, but astronomical;

Now is the woman responsible for her state of inferiority. ”

- So far what the woman has gained has been granted by the man”

Now can this situation be changed? Pursue freedom?

Of man?

- Why not happiness instead of freedom?

Isn’t the woman in love happier than the woman in political office?

How do you, cab you, make man and women equal? What is equality