Contemporary of Satrre

1. Self fulfillment

2. Satisfaction

3. Self realization

freedom religation to an expression of freedom

Removal of construction

Conception of freedom - Beginning with Hagel

                             (  ) Relevant to emotion feeling

                             (   ) Social needs and body

                          (       ) Elements of self

                            (   ) social body

                              () self


Realization imply something I do not have

I was born with potentiality

Freedom to be what I am

Exist in the world - process of actualization

Vacancy in mind - gain in knowledge Parents are in charge of leadership project

Condemed to be free.

Choose => anguish and dispair.

God created man

Man is created by design (essence)

A creature destiny is a creature and no more



                  ( freedom )

              (         In wall      ) wall

                     (                 )   Domain

forced to submit to moral law?

Mind take on itself

Kant - I choose

freedom and determinism

Human relation step - moral - being

Freedom is necessary

To be free is to act rational.

An act - A project beginning and ending in a point of time.

Aristotle brings it into the world

Passion starts an idea. N idea becomes public.

Idea becomes a project - process.

Open myself to the world. Exist in the world.

Every element rise and reveal themselves to the world.

2. Gothe - Like a German Shakesphere. Church is not a church until a mass.

My intention came from the world.

Meanings do not come from heaven.

3. Spontaneouity - initiate. Point 

             Concept                                             { mind

micro level

factors interact with each other               \ project

infinite complex cognation                       / idea

she has to choose what is proctual