Human mind has special exercise of power. Comes up with ideas. Good, mystery, love.

A Philosophers differ.

Something they share- Attitude, reaction, intellectual decision.

Human question

Way of life.

Find its way into art, morals, theater, social science.

Ritual orientation.

Concern is the human being.

Theologians and literary figures.

/ religious - Kierkiegaard

Two trends \ nonreligious = Nietske|

History of Philosophy / Observation

Traditional (Plato)

Devine Age - pervasive idea. I know I am

Plato - The world is a rational system

Universal | intelligible / | True reality

finite |sensible / |

Existence until 19th century.

Cultural condition of the philosopher

Conscious being in charge.

Some sort of power - cause.

Philosophers forgot concrete reality.

feeling, frustration, joy, fear of the world.

Human beings are active on the earth.

Ultimate existence out there.

World War. Kierkiagaard

Build beautiful theories (institutions)

live down here (Individual =>


We are lump of flesh = soul

Our dignity, growth proper

B. Individual. Inner sanctuary

|Mind, self Reason, ego

| Conscience of x doesn't exist. Locke.... Dynamic center


| ...... |

||.... ...|