Death of Ivan Ilyich.

Observations and Questions.

  1. The story begins and ends with the death scene - significance?
  2. Is the story about death or life?
  3. What does it mean to be finite.

Mortal - What does it mean to be infinite?

Do we usually think of our mortality?

Can I lead a meaningful life if we do know what it means (live) to be mortal?

In Ivan's case: Two processes of death.


Spiritual (Psychological)

3 Stages

At first he questioned, Then he reasoned, then he screamed.

What kind of person was Ivan?

How does this story answer the question of death?


What is the meaning of life?

Birth Death

Infinity OO________________| ______|___________________________________OO infinity

The being is I

Be a person feel our inner feelings.

Conscious is a bundle of questions relating to freedom and life.

I was before

I came in to being - I showed up.

Born is a concrete science.

Who I am what I am-

( 1. parents build inside - I can change

( 2. Self awareness - assume responsibility for my life.

Relationship with others, world, person. What dimension.

Human insight .

Concern for human being.

All human beings are finite.

Inner and outer human beings.

Truths of the story are enduring.

Indifferences of all our institutions. Bond between human beings.