Concept of Faith

1. Encounter: the Trial -Test, Temptation

2. Deliberate

3. Anguish - Paradox, The absurd

4. Resignation

5. Leap

Why is Abraham Great?

1. He loved God and loved him absolutely

2. Abraham: Faith was for this world.

3. He was willing to sacrifice Isaac( his best).

4. Adventure into the infinite - anguish.

5. He upheld God's moral laws.

6. He lived his life and the word from the infinite.

- He trusted the finite as infinite.

- He was content - No complaint.

- He lives as a stranger in the world.


- resists rational understanding

- Different from the improbable.

- And yet the believable even though impossible and even absurd.

Absurd is impossible.

Faith is not blind - Power of the human mind.