Authenticity - Kierkiegaard.

Several ideas - under a concept of the individual.

1. Passion. An aspect of the age is lack [absence] of passion.

- What is Passion? Where does it exist?

-in the individual?

- Passion seems to be supressed - by a phanthom ; a mirage.

The public " It is everything and nothing.

2. Freedom of thought. What is the difference between freedom of thought and the freedom of speech[ Galilio]?

3. How should we understand life - backward or forward?

Backward? How? Where is the process? Can we arrest time?

4. Philosophical system. Philosophers build imense system of thought but live in a shack nearby. One's castle should be one's system of thought, otherwise one is upside down,

5. Service of religion. ,most dominant force in human life, but should this mean that there is no room for religion?

6. The crowd => the herd

- I was the soul of the party. Whit fell from my lips Everyone admired me - I laughed

.But when I was home I wanted to shoot myself.

7. Evihenliade : What I am to do vs what I am to know!

- What I want?

- To discuss the truth - for me! One I can live or die for.

- What if I discover a new idea? The significance?

- What is the use of the discussion of my objective thought?

- Suppose "truth " struck before we were bare naked, but it does not near something finite- so - suppose have discovered theory.

- What if the universal truth itself confronts one naked?

8. Bordom

- people are boring

- Bordom is a series of evils.

- How do people overcome bordom?

Example! By choosing one faith or view of life?

9. Either/or choice

- Important moment s in ones life requires choice.  Kierrkegaard.

What is choice> What role does it play on the development of personality?

- Choices establish individuality.

- Choosing a way of life. Aesthetic, Moral Religious.

- Every choice move our life in a certain direction.

- It is a power which cruifer personal

- Everytime we choose a course of action we choose our personality - character

- T he person who does not choose "withers away"

- 3 types of life: aesthetic, Moral, Religion

10. Truth as subjectivity.