Question of Faith.

1. How can we establish this certainty?

2. Does Philosophy have anything to do with this question?

And yet there a field in Philosophy: Philosophy of Religion.

3. Can we enter into Abraham's mind: his subjectivity?

4. Do we establish this certainty of faith by (through) the revealed text - conceptually?

5. Do we establish it by living it? And get it as a task of a lifetime !

The Trial (test) of Abraham: Father of Faith.

- Can we spy on Abraham's subjective deliberation (and anguish)?

- He was not a Philosopher, but a man of faith.

- Possibly after living this 3 day journey.

Fear and Trembling.

Abraham was great. Why?

- Bekieved and loved God absolutely.

- Your love is great is as much as the object of your love is great,

Faith was ihe emotion in his life.

Two trials.

1. He waited a long lifetime to show a sign.

2. He was asked to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering.

- Abraham's faith was for this world, not as a reward of any kind.

- Abraham grasped the absurd and acts in the face of it.

Could (did) anyone understand him?

1. The element of contradiction.

2. The element of impossibility.

3. The element of the infinite anguish lies in the contradiction.

4. The element of resignation [infinite]

- was God's request a murder

- double murder?

- Abraham knew God would not take Isaac from him, but he was ready for the possibility - Is this acceptable - a joke/ absurd?

I what sense is faith a leap?

- Suppose I read Abraham's story, Would influence in any way- make me faithful?

Abraham was a knight of the infinite - how?

He lives in the world from the sense of the infinite

He treats the infinite as the infinite

He accepts the world and his life without complaining.

He enjoys every opportunity in his life.

He remains a stranger in the world.