Kierregaard - Fear and Trembling.

Can the ethical be suspended?

- What is the ethical? - The universal?

?God's laws - Hence obedience of the universal is obedience to God.

- The universal: Valid in itself. Commands Absolutely .

- Violating it is sinful.

Mow in faith the individual is higher than the universal!

- paradox?

- Have the temptation.

Next: Is Abraham a tragic hero? No Why? Explain.

- Tragic hero stays in the circle of the ethical. The Knight of Faith transends us into God

( The tragic hero removes himself in order to experience the universal. The Knight of Faith removes the universal in order to be a particular.(


1. What does it mean to love God?

A. To believe in a personal relationship with God?

- How about today?

- What is the role of religious institutions in this?

2. Is it possible for an amoral person to have faith in God?

3. Is Abraham an egotist, or simply devoted to God?

4. Who Gave Abraham the strength to draw the knife?