Nature and Human nature

laws /\ Human beings

/ \

/ \

|________|__ |__________________|

Take away

Conflict Human

|________|__ |____|___|___________|

Europe from the rise of Christianity to 19th century


/ \ World View

/ \

|________|__ |__________________|

Man slave

|________|__ |__________________| Nature

Human being became the source ontological

Human beings exist in the world.

No details


example ||


action performed


Doer <====Dead

OV ||


|| lost power of super or overman

Scientist or artist - choose idea.

Eternal world is constantly changing- thesis

Recurrence. Things will come back

Get nourishment from nature.

Geneology of Morals.

Utilitarianism - promote human happiness - 19th century.

Doing good has a history

We loose contact with origin and feeling of doing good. That which is good is ritual.

Action does not describe or explain a human being.

Nietzsche knew Latin, Greek, French and German.

He traced the origin of good.

Meaning of good came from the judgement of the aristocratic.

Overman became the origin of moral values.

Political power supported by relegion power.

Priestly class introduced new values- purity.

Priestly class represented the lowly, poor.

Spiritual Morality against mass morality.