1. Nietzsche Two Lessons

First God is dead: I seek God ... whither is God? We killed him.


  1. Freedom opens possibilities: Science politically art.
  2. Man existed in nature as a solitary being: alone God the Father is no more.
  3. Human beings is responsible for constructing his world. He derives his nourishment from nature. Each is his own house.

Ex Feuerbach, Freud.

  1. Need is the source of his conscience
  2. Consider morality (a system of laws rules, principles.

Now morality does not come from above, but from the attempts to meet needs: this is a process of valuation.

BUT the attempt to meet these needs creates another need . Language (the need to communicate)

BUT. The greater need is to be ourselves vs the herd-instinct.

Consciousness "the capacity to use one's self in the mind"

But people think, feel, act without being conscious.

Second. "I teach you the overman"

Man is a being to be over come

Now the overman.

ASS, "MAN=POWER=Will-To-Power

  1. To overcome= to overcome one's fears and weaknesses
  2. To live according to one's values

Whoever's life obeys cannot obey himself. Is commonly dead.

Nietzsche - writes in drops. Uses old philosophers.

First God is Dead. World outlook - build upon this.

Institutions in which we live.

Our understanding. We pushed aside.

Human experience- Human condition

We can not respond to the death of God.

The faith of God above is no more the source of values.

Sign of authority. Scriptures are removed. Something happens.

Human being is a drop of being in relation to infinity by means of the human mind.

Freedom and possibility.

Replace by new world view.

Nietzsche. How do you explain the fact that I am human?

Principle of Explanation. direct Implied or empirical

Idealist matter does not exist Hegel.

Human being as phenomenium.

Human ===> mind


Feeling, Action: choices, decision, relate

Scratched my brain.

What do you mean to be x

What does it mean to say ....X



_\\_____ //____

_____________| feeling emotions

Express by feeling

Concept of feeling

Feeling is what is morally right.

Encounter a human being.

Nietzsche point of view..

Evolution was popular

B. Dog can bark happy or threaten level.

Lion or dog does not know what it means to be a lion or a dog.

Domain of consciousness.

Socrates clears up needs of consciousness

Value; idea, ideal (concept)

Most<=== Importance Bible- justice was fought for.

supreme <=== prize


Valuation | process |

---------------- Love grace life