1. Like Kierkegaard, he was discontented with the spirit and the direction of European (especially German) culture. It was moving in the direction of the barbarian.

2. It had to be diverted and there was a need for a new cultural model. The only rational and honorable model was the Greek model.

- Its main elements are the Appollonial and the Dionysion.

- When one of these elements prevails in the other, culture spills down.

3. No other of the earlier models

- Christianity, Hegel, Darwinism provided vision for transferring the course of culture

Provided vision for the transforming the course of culture.

The individual the overman (superior man)

For Nietzsche the model is the OVERMAN

- 1, In the moral sphere. Traditional morality had to be rejected because it crushed the individual. Why?

- This led to Nietzsche to introduce one's moral vision articulated in his distinction between master and slave Morality: The first stressed independence and creativity, self expression.

The sacred potential, humility, self denial, obedience -

2. A new relationship came into being. Man- Nature replaced Man - God

- The self is no God is the source of moral values. The basis of this transformation of his relations is the OVERMAN

- The madman speaks the "overman"

1. Heprecents The highest point of human man began himself.

-trong - will, independence, apex of master morality

- Source of his values...

- Derives his punishment from the world. Remains faithful to the earth

- Lives from within

Man=Power=Will to Power

- This power is strength overcomes one's fear of himself-

Who lives life- He who cannot obey himself is commanded.


Saw another model in Greek

Apollonian - Vision of Apollo - reason

Dionysion - God of life: wine creativity

19th Century - first century

Europe Was headed to World War

Forces resulted from monumental collapse of church

O God



| |

| ______________| Church


| .... ...... | US

| _______________________|

Cultural Sphere ( )

( )

( | )

( | ) Community

( | )

( ) Faith in God disappeared from Europe.

They lost faith in values Lost authority.

Computer-man Bubble of life Man

Genus Fuse form with life.

God influence in human life not like Greek

Honesty is a system of universal laws.

Categorical imperative. Act so that it is a law.

Inst God and Man

Relationship between God and Nation.