Second Lesson. I teach you overman

- Man is a being to be overcome. .. Ape to man. Man to the overman. A rope between the beast to the overman An ideal? YES,

- Represent the highest point in humanity, strongwilled, independent, Peak of Morality.

- He will re-valuate values - again .

- Because a transcendental world does exist, he desires his nourishment from the Earth and derives his motivation from neither.

Man=Power=Will to Power! Doing

- This is not power for the sake of power, but strength to overcome his fears and weaknesses and to create the world before which he can kneel!

Whatever lives obeys... he who cannot obey himself is commanded.

Contra Hagel: The overman is the moving force of history.

Eternal Recurrence The final goal of the overman, what is it?

"Unconditional and infinitely repeated circulation of thoughts"

Genealogy of Morals

Contra Utilitarianism - altruistic- explain

People found altruistic action useful so they adapted it as a principle of action and tested "good" as an intrinsic value, because they forgot its origin (utility).

- But for N. the English psychologist looked for the origin of good - the judgement in the wrong place. The place they looked for is the person who to whom the good is done! ( the lonely, the base, the masses).

1. But the origin is : those who are good, noble, high minded, powerful.

2. It is not true that people in time forget that the origin of the altruistic act was (Is) forgotten.

3. The psychologist assumes a natural mechanical model of human nature.

4. The psychologist were a-historical.

The analysis of the etymology and history of the judgement of good to the aristocracy, which was political and spiritual. Later the political declined.

Next. When the priestly class joined the ruling class a new value was introduced, pure clean

- The priestly class stood as the real antagonist to the aristocratic class. Supposedly the represented the values of the herd.

- They are impotent, vindictive, hateful. This made their hate for the aristocratic VIOLENT.

- By inventing (translating) the aristocratic values!

"Good - noble - power - beautiful- happy"

into " poor - powerless - week - lonely - base - suffering"

This process took 2000 years and reached its highest point in the crucification.

Aristocratic Nobility

Pure, innocence Life of error

Aristocratic Slave

____________ _________________

| | | |

good Bad Good Evil

and Error judgement Create in fear The other vengeful

spontaneous An after thought Hate, arrogance Where is the

action The I Original creative act of ethics