Analysis of we ourselves using the German philosopher Heideggar.

A human being is one who occurs among other human beings. A web entity exists along the communication continuum of cyberspace.

"Being with others", Heidegger writes "belongs to the being of Dasein that is an issue for Dasein in its very being". The self is lost in the they, and with it the others as definite others.; an infinite substitution is possible. "Everyone is the other and no one is himself"

Both truth and art are thus founded in the creative, "perspectival" essence of life that Heidegger defines with the German word das Schienen (appearance).

This paper is being created as it were a work of cyber art. Cyber art is created and changed by the artist. One possibility of cyber art is that it exists and can be changed by the artist.

Art produces an appearance of life itself in its positive character - it brings to appearance (zum sich Zeigen bringen) life's own nature as a "bringing forward into appearance" It poses life in the "clarity of Being". Since the intensification of life, its manner of being, is nothing other than eternal recurrence, art entails the revelation of what Nietzsche attempts to think with his notion of the Eternal Return.

Some have proposed that constant change is necessary for a good artistic web site to attract the attention of others. I found this to be true for Netscape, where my site was number 1, for a brief period (1991), until I lost my ability to update, due to a software change. Could it be that I was a target, and was removed from contention by the software "they"? (Http:// Potentiality of a web site has as yet not been defined. People interact in cyberspace and change. Free access is also a necessary condition.

The prevalent attitude of this Philosopher is of a relationship necessary to create a human being; - Da-sein. He says Da-sein is concerned about other human beings. But he says that Da-sein understands itself in its being. It discloses itself through its being. He calls the way one relates to others as Existenz. This is described as essence rather than fact.

Da-sein understands itself in terms of its existence. Da-sein either chooses possibilities itself, stumbled upon them or in each instance grown up with them. Existence is chosen by each Da-sein itself

Heidegger writes: The thinking of the most difficult thought is a believing, a holding onself in the truth. Truth, for Nietzche , means always the true, and for him the true signifies: being, what becomes fixed as a constant , such that the living thing secures its constancy within the compass and through this fixed being in itself. Believing as fixing is assuring onself of constancy

Art "is the most genuine and profound will to semblance, namely to the scintillation of what transfigures, in which the supreme lawfulness of Dasein becomes visible" p83

Heidegger, Thoughts and Historicity, Fynsk, Christopher

Da-sein is a being which I myself am. A web site is an extension of myself.

The philosopher seeks to provide a model to analyze ourselves,

1. The essence of being is in its to be. I was a political entity who established a platform. The platform was on a web site. The platform established my political identity as a Republican candidate. Whether the issues are an object on the site, or simply me was to the individual visitor to the site to determine

2. The being concerned is ourselves. My web site expressed my feelings and who I am.

Mitda-sien is the necessity of being with others to develop. What better Mitda-sein than philosophers, especially on this web site. On line consulting is nice. I may experience Angst which is developed when experiencing the world. Angst throws us into Care and; reveals to the da-sein its potentiality for being in the world. Da-sein forces itself. It is a; potentiality in realization.

As a being Da-sein always defines itself in terms of a possibility which it is and somehow understands its being. This paper is definitely an objective presence. Da-sein is conceived in advance as objective presence. The indeterminacy of its being always implies this meaning of being.(25)

Ctools may be part of this project. My flyer for the Mi House of Representatives stated that I was using Ctools at UMD. The graphic window is; large enough to use; to REVISE and UPDATE my document . These terms appear on the Graphic User Interface (GUI); on the Existence and Paper folder; where I am preparing this material. So not only do I have to give Heidigger credit, but also the software being developed by the University of Michigan; ( This means I am combining three schools of thought Philosophy of Heidegger, My Mi House of Representatives political activities, and the computer department at the U of Mich.. Needless to say I hope a glitch does not show up somewhere and delete my material. Examples are copyright, both computer and text book. Politics is the public domain so no conceivable problem can occur there. Heidegger is an modern philosopher, so the class professor (Dr. Mitais) should be able to provide material I can use. I have little facility for German, having not used German in forty years.

But I am renewing my German 101., just in case.

So to communicate, to be thrown in with the "they" - through computer idle talk I am trying to achieve the potentiality of global character. I began my computer studies on a Univac (the first computer in business) in 1966. Of course Heidegger was around at that time. But with his philosopher and the "they", his philosophy can bridge the computer software transitions from various manufacturers until the present time in 2006 at University of Michigan Dearborn. The teletype was used during World War II. This method of communication was digital, with codes transmitted between terminals. Lease lines were faster for computer communication, but computer protocol was used to communicate between the sending and receiving computers because of differing computer manufactures and communication companies. The plans at one computer depended upon the data from the other computer. This mass of data resulted in too much information. The problem with cyberspace now is that one computer can communicate with any other computer.

A link with the past is always necessary in European philosophy, usually mentioning the early Greek philosophers and Greek legends (Heidegger mentions Cara to build a person out of clay but maybe this can be applied to cyberspace).

But as Heidegger says in Being and Time "Science in general can be defined as the totality of fundamentally coherent true proposition." A year and a half of college physics can give a person a concept on how that statement can apply to the universe, especially when the theory of relativity of the 1920's is being proven by the Hubble telescope in 1998 in space. The telescope looks back in time six to ten billion years. And the expanding universe shows that time is slowing up in the distant galaxies. The conversion of the nuclear fuels takes more time in the faster moving systems. But this whole analysis is an integration of many truths by many scientists. Much of this progress has been available on NASA web sites.

This places a premium on how the human personality, as an individual, can develop in society over time. Even the news medium appears in cyberspace with E-mail. This body of knowledge is bound to affect the individual with much of the "idle talk" into which the individual is thrust. This complicated problem may be approached from the Heidegger philosophy. While no final solution is likely to be narrowed down, his model may be projected on the development of intelligent decision making.

Even around the world, during the Christian-Moslem conflicts in Kosovo and Sunni and Shite Iraq conflict, cyberspace was used to transmit feelings from those caught up in those conflicts. The "they" were the participants in the battle in which the person on the computer portal was subjected. They were definitely subjected to ANGST while they were communicating. They were subject to themselves. These people were communicating with the world, and perhaps the world received their visions to enable them to develop their Da-sein in the situation in which they found themselves. There communication method was generally typed text , although in today's world video and audio video phones are available.

Another example, in a paper I wrote at Wayne County Community College, is where doctors were evaluating patients in a hospital who were using the internet to communicate. These patients showed better recovery rates than others. I located that paper on my DOS computer and found my link to GDFN stands for Greater Detroit Free net, which was a free community based web site at Wayne State and Oakland University.

Thus the "They" computer server software was a free version, which had to be navigated to add new web sites or view others, such as the nurses, or sports team analysis. The GDFN committee met to determine their server computer system and administrative development, or to respond to communication problems, such as the loss of the Merit service for free internet assess to the public and members. Participation with the "they" meant going to the committee meetings. There was ANGST when the locations or times of the meetings were changed. Notes were posted to the on line site bulletin board for this event.

Membership dues were not required.

At UMD only students have 1 giga byte of disk space, and a lab fee is required. Students do not make decisions, but their access can be blocked by "they" IT. There is a Computer Machinery Association club, which does have periodic meetings. The student da-sein may be developed by participating in club projects.

The "surrounding world" is composed of media and dissolves one's own Da-sein completely into the kind of being of "the others" in such a way that the others as distinguished and explicit, disappear more and more. The issues from each PAC differs from other PACs. The self of everyday Da-sein is the they-self which we distinguish from the authentic self. If Da-sein is familiar with itself as the they-self, this also means that the they prescribe the nearest interpretation and of being-in-the-world. I am the others in the mode of they (p127).

Existentialism, Robert C Solomon

The philosophy of Heidegger, who was concerned with the media, can be applied to the individual candidate, or to the Republican party as an entity. The results of the 2006 election was disastrous to the leadership of the party in Congress. However, the leadership of President Bush plays a prominent role in the analysis of the election. Every analysis is asking if the voice of the Independent was heard. The question of who the "they" are and what they think is being assessed in hindsight, although the mass media's role is also being questioned.

But using Heidegger to do an analysis on the individual as well as the Party may prove useful. He provides incentive for writing this paper and analyzing the campaign. The ability to connect with the middle and working classes and to take conservative principles to the people was the greatest gift Ronald Reagan left the GOP. Many Republicans in Congress seem to be thinking about what to say rather than saying what they think. Few are salesmen or spokesmen for ideas any more.

The American Thinker, Killing the GOP Brand (Nov 21, 2006)

As a Republican I got some E-mail from the National leadership. Was their message lost on me? Or was the electronic campaign insufficient at the local level in which I was running? Actually I was running on the national level. Many of the advocacy groups were founded on the national level, with a branch on the state level. My name was on a national Database. My name was available, but I got no direct support, only thank you for donating your time. Angst was there, but the throwness did not develop. How do I develop issues as an authentic candidate? Falling prey to the "world" means being absorbed in being-with-one-other as it is guided by idle talk, curiosity and ambiguity.

1. E-Mail was idle talk.

2. Curiosity was links to sites.

3. My audience was ambiguity - Business owners, senior citizens on the computer, union members with list servers.

Goals were set my descriptive campaign material site which was printed as flyers and distributed to Republican senior citizen absentee ballot voters in a precinct. These names were obtained from the Republican Voters Vault Database which was on line.

Unions and business sites were furnished by the advocacy group literature.