Critical Evaluation.

The theme of the paper is evaluation of the effect of the da-sein of an individual and cyberspace. Cyberspace is communication and art. What subject other than art should Philosophers discuss? Creativity? By whose standards? I will try to establish cyberspace as an object with which people can communicate ideas, and, yes, even feelings. The technology is fluid, so that what is given in on instance of time may no longer apply in another time period.

The communication of Ctools is an imponderable in this sense. Page numbers are not inserted in the footer. I can view my paper on ctools, and by going to the directory, another can view my paper, while it is being developed. My Existentialism Philosophy 415 class notes are also on Ctools. But the communication links between me and the instructor, other students and the world is not totally evident because of the constant upgrading. Nevertheless, I will apply Heidegger's model as if there was some consistency in this method of Cyberspace communication. This Packard Bell (out of computer business) 1996 computer uses Wordperfect (this document is created with this typewriter) hypertext documents (with links that jump to other documents) to send through cable by the Hewett Packard (the dial up connection was discontinued Nov 2006) to Ctools using a Microsoft network service that was set up under EXISTENCE folders on the sending and the receiving computers.

 Printed material is necessary to communicate. Files are transmitted to Umich Ctools. No movies are used. Material is then updated at UM as necessary as references are found. Notes from Philosophy 415 are on my Ctools files.

My material for the Mi House 13th State House is on cyberspace under:

(Type in a Browser or use the link if in an E-Mail document)

Additionally type in Stasik under a Google web crawler to locate material under a national search and my name will show up on the third page as a challenger in the Michigan 13th house. Another national search is available on All candidates for office for state and federal elections are listed, if they supplied the information. This information was also there from my previous campaign in 2004. These sites were for communication and were to show my true Da-Sein as a politician.

My role as a politician will be evaluated as part of my da-sein, looking for votes indirectly (only people in Riverview, Southgate, Trenton or Wyandotte can vote for me). Questions on the surveys were answered truthfully as part of. Answers may have been posted in bulletins, newsletters on a site. The Regional Detroit Chamber of Commerce had a meeting in Southfield Town Center and my attendance was posted on their web site. My discussion with participants focused on cyberspace for two hours, before I left (That was enough time at a political event).

Needless to say, my experience in these events may have changed my da-sein as a result of communicating with the conservative and liberal PACs.

My campaign consisted of interactive web communications. I got a survey, which I completed, and usually mailed in. Then I used the group web site. I went to the about us term in the menu and used the CONTACT US button to open up an Email message dialogue box. I sent a message to the group that I completed their survey, to see how many of their ideas I shared. Of course in the political arena issues are constantly changing, so that I became aware of some of the issues the with which the groups were concerned. Legislation was pending on the most hot issues. This meant I may have to change my feelings on some of issues with which the community was concerned. These were like ambiguous objects which I encountered from the "they". These were different from the State Republican Committee Convention issues, who asked me to put my name on the ballot.

I also received postal back up material to the surveys from the advocacy groups. Each group contributed to the pile of material on the floor, until the pile was about 6" high. Each of my three campaigns had about the same amount of material for 2002, 2004 and 2006. I posted their name and HTTP sites on various sites: Detroit Free Net in 2002, People PC in 2004 and America On Line in 2006. These were connected by a link to the site. Material was available to anyone who went there if they searched the State candidate database for my name. Thus I became available to them during the campaign ANGST. In this case I was the Republican "they" to the advocacy group. We were then floating in idle talk on the issues. We were to develop a call to care. The advocacy groups realization of potentiality of being and the of possibilities of their organization being in the world. Needless to say, in the political world, controversy would be avoided between them and the candidate, in case they had to associate with the winner to introduce legislation.

This paper is not directed to be received by advocacy groups. It is directed at the University of Michigan computer disk space, both PUBLIC and PRIVATE which is given to all students, and to Ctools which must be established by the student going to Information Technology IT at the Dearborn Campus. Material is sent by Ctools to the University. Then the material is copied to the PUBLIC directory under HTML for display in cyberspace and listed in the

directory once a link is established with Dreamweaver software. My paper may be on this link, and may be found using Google search on the above site (looking for Existent).

Many journals are published by various departments in this and other Universities. For instance the philosophy computer is linked to some of these journals. Upon the boot up of the computer in the Philosophy study room, a page is displayed with links. Finding the link to the student articles is relative easy once the password is entered into the computer. My campaign page is not on this link.

Issues exist at all times. When the issues become Campaign issues for a candidate depends on the legislature and the traditional media and electronic communication. Ambiguity is part of the Da-sein. Structure is also part of da-sein.

A candidate on the Republican platform may fall prey on the issues. The survey becomes part of idle talk, so that the proposed issues may be seen. Issues may be proposed that do not emphasize the individual role. Then the tranquility of using the platform issues may be considered. Alienation is then felt. And finally the potentiality of the issue is discovered and added to the web site, to color the candidate. Whether the result is authentic may depend upon the expectation of the advocacy group "they". In this event the candidate may appear as an object or the real essence of the candidate may show on the web site, Email and the completed survey. Again the survey may be done on line, where the candidate's entry is maintained, or the material may be in paper form where the material must be translated for an advocacy group bulletin or newsletter.

The concern is not only that the belief of the candidate is expressed, but also that the candidate will take appropriate action in the future.

Again the elect is dependent upon political groups. The Democrats have their organizations and the Republicans have their organizations. But the analysis here is if the candidate can change to meet the expectation of the advocacy block of votes. The theory is that the most authentic candidate will represent the constituents best.

Using Heidegger's model, the personal goals and objectives of the campaign can be analyzed. Unfortunately, this is my third campaign for the Mi 13 Seat, and I did not win the seat.

However my being as a candidate can be analyzed and the experience can be analyzes as a valuable event to develop my potentiality as a caring Republican individual as being-in-the-world.

My opponent was female, but she will reach term limits of three terms. The Business school we need more jobs platform may seem insensitive to the feminine voters. But the Da-sein of the Republican Party is free enterprise and the individual. The world is composed of both masculine freedom (variously named "good old boys") and feminine support system (liberal "do gooders"). Creativity should be rewarded by the economic system, but both sides know that this in not an authentic model. The ANGST experienced by the candidate can be understood using the philosophy developed in this model. However this paper may not be well received by the higher levels in the political organization. The leadership has changed. At least the old chairman no longer has a firm hold on the seat because of the results of the campaign for governor and US Senate. This paper will probably not be a money maker or will not be used to make other campaigns a political success. But there is hope.

The University academic environment may help publish the material to other students. But other people in the world also have access to the student HTML directory. The possibility of an interactive site is still there.

In this case, the "they" to review the material on the www-personal site is the world, but communication coming back to the site is ambiguous. Ctools also has a Browser search, but data files may not be arranged for a good presentation.

Being on the cyberspace time.

All cyberspace is connected. Is the world one big they? Of course I can view anyone's document. Are these his current thoughts, or are the lost from an ancient time and realm of thought? The document should be in html, but much is in pdf. The same document thoughts to share. One software is more flexible than the other. The documents are constructed to review through a link, or if updated on a web crawler, to be found in a list of pages. Having just finished a political campaign to get elected to the house 13th district. I am familiar with the need to communicate. My name is on the ballot for "them" to see. So is my opponent. One circle by one of the two names is darkened.

The individual must make a choice, unless he darkens the straight party ticket. But will this choice make a difference in his life? My fate in this election is in the they. Where are the issues?

Sources of "they".

There are newspapers, the vote-usa or sites. How long will they be there? When will a character changing the link, like changing to invalidate the link.? What about free service? AOL decided it was to be free as long as an internet connection is available. Are the "they" AOL or is it the Republican party or is it the Michigan Secretary of State to whom I have to report my finances? Who determines the event? Is it my choice? My UPLOAD failed to report my finances by Dec 7. I mailed in my disk. What was once firm is now ambiguous.

What causes ANGST? What about the Political Activity Committees. If I support there issues will I win. Who are "they"? I have a database of their web sites. I Email them, but they don't Email me back a big response, only a "thank You" response.

How can I apply Heidegger to my problem? What Am I in cyberspace, not only who am I on the ballot? Am I interactive? I go to local Republican Club meetings. The clubs are certainly "they" as far as the candidate is concerned. The candidate wants their vote.

Voting is not done on line. Am I less a part of "they"? Shouldn't the voters be able to relate to my website and then vote? This is runtime environment. But no, the voter must go to the poll and darken the circle to select the candidate. There are more candidates on the ballot. There are also issues on the ballot. These issues may effect the voter directly. But most like the issues are indirect and must go to a committee. Are these issues part of me as a person/? Must I adopt these issues as part of my personality. Or are these inauthentic because the election is over?

And the printer? If the paper does not come out of the machine, must I go to Ctools? And then who is Ctools?


Philosophy is different than the operation of cyberspace. Is this a business proposition or a political event? Is this "idle talk" boring to the reader, or is it interactive?

This paper is more than a computer program. A host and client Runtime computer program has buttons for one to choose where to go. My computer system analysis with questions and answers are similar to this. Guidelines are important for a project. Heidegger may help understand the Da-sein of the candidate.  I can reread this material or use the Grammatik for Wordperfect (i.e. count words), a few times, on my website. A good Common Business Application Program (Cobol) computer programmer thinks he could a program once, without any error in the coding. But with Java and electronic transmission protocol the run once, run anywhere seems like a different type of "they".

The candidate is viewed as a person. A campaign is more than a "How to Run a Campaign" manual.  Mistakes are made. The candidate must preserve his self. The delete key may delete the wrong material in this conclusion on Ctools. That is part of the ANGST of using new software to write up a campaign analysis. Campaigns and class papers must meet deadlines. This problem is not addressed in this paper. This paper is being revised on line on Ctools. Campaign material on web sites was not updated on line. Viewing the composition of the campaign "they" must be considered in this respect, perhaps in future campaigns.

Simone de Beauvoir can provide another model about the ambiguity of running for public office. This would be a different paper than analyzing the D-Sein of the candidate and the issues. But campaign are run every two years, and winners and losers are determined periodically (even in Iraq). Writing up campaign material has been done before. But will  it be read, or used, by future campaigners? My experience with electronic media is still being updated (i.e. Prisoner Re-entry in the Mi Corrections Department e-Mail).