I plan to use the assumptions of this philosopher, particularly Being and Time, as a valid model to analyze the world as a computer connected universe. This is not a mathematical model with algebraic variables. However, the introduction of cyberspace may provide another way to look at this model. Not only to we have an "other" but we have the possibility of a universal other - Anyone in the world can communicate with the individual through a web site and Email. All these media are temporal: they may exist today in a certain format to communicate, or they may be changed in format. Material on a computer network may last forever. Using the Philosophical system of Heidegger I hope to portray this computer dimension of being.

What this material does to groups of human beings is open to analysis over periods of time and geographical areas. The period of time is the early 21st century and the area of the state of Michigan. Groups form as Political Advocacy Committee group. They have their views and may wish to communicate, as in the Political Advocacy Committee (PAC). At the beginning of my Mi House 13th district State representative I Emailed all the groups when I first was asked to Run for the position.

PACs have their view and are concerned about being affected by others. Their issues will be established by the legal activity of the others. They will form their da-sein. Their issues will be posted to a web site for any one to reach electronically. The term for using a software package Browser is "hit" for the site. Sites usually have an Email address for someone who visits the site. As a background I ran for Mi House of representatives 13th district. Surveys were sent to me to get a feel for my opinion on their issues. I completed the surveys, mostly paper ( but some on line) and then E-mailed the advocacy site from the web site. My concern was site latency (if the site was there). I usually got a thank you of the site was there. Sometimes the site was there, but not answering the E-Mail. This was determined when I made a telephone call.

The groups did not want to change my Da-Sein. That was not their purpose. I was supposed to get their vote in the up-coming election.

Revision to the document on Ctools is straightforward. I can revise the document , Mitda-sein from any computer environment: The philosophy computer, IT labs or the Social Science Lab. I am going to use a Router device on the home computer. Converting this document will depend upon the software available. I purchased Wndows XP and student Office Pro. for the computer that will take the router.

If the computer is an extension of the mind, then; perhaps I can apply this paper to future cyber philosophy. My experience with computers began in 1966 with the business sales systems on a US Steel Univac. Then LISP processing was developed, with the assumption that it would lead to artificial intelligence ( U of Pittsburgh 1968). This was really language for the Java programming used on the web. Cyperspace has only been around for ten years, but the future is there, for the young to grow. Communication between computers changes over time and so does terminology.