Sartre: Bad Faith

  1. A fictitious case: A young man and a young woman
  2. Sincerity (Candor): being true to one's self

Its (opposite -antithesis) is Bad Faith

  1. Sincerity is a demand.

- Am I sincere when I am doing nothing?

[Aristotle : Am I happy when I am doing nothing?]

- We see the "I" as a project. Therefore it is a task to be realized. It is always in a state of becoming.

- I am always under an obligation to make myself

  1. I am what I am, I will be sincere - I will never act in bad faith - But am i what I am?
  2. Case Ii a waiter in a Cafe.

- he is not a waiter, but he acts, plays the role of a waiter[ The same applies to the merchant, the grocer , the nurse, the security guard]

- In each role the person follows a code of conduct, assumes a certain way, smilling in a certain way, enacts a role.

- I as for he plays the role, he is a person in that role.

- The role is a role made by somebody else.

  1. Now playing a role- Acting the role of a waiter is different from BEING a waiter the way a table is a table

- Now suppose I degrade the waiter as he waits, does he have the right to be insukted? - and say "I am not a waiter"!

- Is there a difference between the waiter and the person inside?

- Am I a waiter or am not a waiter when I play the rple of waiter.

- Is somebody else inside me when I am acting as a waiter?

AGAIN. Suppose I am playing the role of Hamlet on stage, is my role mental?

Can it be neutralized?

  1. What is the relationship between the "I " and the actor?

- Suppose I am sad. In this sadness when I am sad. Sadness- animates all the being, including the being of anybody.

Here is there a difference between the sadness and "me"

General Conclusion

It is hard to be , or to achieve, sincerity (good faith) because it is a contradiction with the struggle of consciousness.

You see. I am what I am. But what I am is a goal. I become what I am when I realize the goal which makes me what I am But at what instant I become a new goal to be realized.

This is an ongoing process. So I am never what I am! Therefore I can never be sincere - true to myself.

Finally Is love, all kinds of human love possible?